PRIMO LapBaby, the innovative seating aid that keeps your hands free while supporting your baby in your lap. This product allows you to comfortably and securely support baby on your lap using a soft strap around the waist and back.

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PRIMO LapBaby is a new innovative aid to help you hold your infant in your lap and keep your hands free for other projects.  The product uses a soft strap around the baby to hold the infant securely against you for support and safety.  The Lapbaby fits most waist sizes and is adjustable.

The LapBaby comes with its own carrying case.  Included is a soft towel for spills and a pacifier>toy tether to keep their favorite item near at hand.

Keeping you infant close to you provides comfort and safety for the infant and provides you with more time with the baby.  Staying close to parents or caregivers provides security and stimulation for your infant.

PRIMO LapBaby can help parents with disabilities provide loving care for their infant and spend time with the infant safely and comfortably.

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